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Generic name

  • Warfarin

Brand names

  • Coumadin

  • Jantoven

  • Marevan

Coumadin is a common brand name for warfarin.

Warfarin belongs to the class of medications called anticoagulants. It is sometimes referred to as a "blood thinner," although it does not actually thin the blood.

Warfarin is a prescription medication which helps to prevent blood clots from forming or from getting bigger. Warfarin is used for the treatment of blood clots in the veins, arteries, lungs, and heart.

Warfarin works by partially blocking the reuse of vitamin K in your liver. Vitamin K is needed to make clotting factors that help the blood to clot and prevent bleeding.

Warfarin is also used to prevent clots for people with conditions that put them at an increased risk of developing blood clots (e.g. some abnormal heart rhythms [atrial fibrillation], leg circulation problems or congestive heart failure). It is also used for blood clots that may be caused by certain heart conditions, open-heart surgery, or after a heart attack.

Bristol Myers Squibb has discontinued production of (brand name) Coumadin. The patent for Coumadin was acquired by other manufacturers in Turkey (Zentiva) and New Zealand (Aspen Pharmaceuticals). Other branded and generic warfarin products are still available.

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