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Creon® ingredient strengths in USP Standards Units:





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Creon® ingredient strengths in European Pharmacopoeia (PhEur) Units:


Lipase (PhEur Units)

Amylase (PhEur units)

Protease (PhEur Units)

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Brand names:  
  • Creon 


Pancrelipase (Creon) is a pancreatic enzyme supplement for persons whose bodies do not produce enough enzymes to digest their foods. This may because they have cystic fibrosis, swelling of the pancreas (chronic pancreatitis), removal of some of or the entire pancreas (pancreatectomy); or other conditions. 

Pancrelipase contains multiple enzymes but the active ingredient evaluated in clinical trials is lipase. 

Pancrelipase is dosed by lipase units. 

It is derived from porcine pancreatic glands. 

What are the available dosage forms and strengths?

Capsule, delayed release 

  • 3000 

  • 6000  

  • 10000   

  • 12000  

  • 24000  

  • 25000  

  • 36000   

  • 40000 

How should you take Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

Pancrelipase is not interchangeable with other pancrelipase products. 

Pancrelipase is given orally, starting at the lowest recommended dose and gradually increased. The dosage is individualized based on clinical symptoms, the degree of steatorrhea present, and the fat content of the diet. 

Do not take more capsules in a day than the number your doctor tells you to take (total daily dose). 

Always take pancrelipase with a meal or snack and drink lots of water everyday: 

  • swallow the capsules whole or  

  • open the capsules and mix the granules (without crushing) with an acidic liquid (apple, orange or pineapple juice) or soft food (apple sauce or yoghurt). Swallow the mixture straight away, without chewing 

  • do not hold pancrelipase capsules or its contents in your mouth 

  • do not store the mixture 

Take pancrelipase exactly as your doctor tells you and do not stop until your doctor tells you to stop.  

Your doctor may change your dose based on the amount of fatty food you eat or based on your weight. 

When giving pancrelipase to an infant (up to 12 months): 

  • give pancrelipase right before each feeding of formula or breast  milk, 

  • do not mix the contents of the capsule directly into the formula or the breast mil, 

  • open the capsules and sprinkle the contents directly into the infant’s mouth or mix the contents with a small amount of room temperature acidic soft food such as apple sauce, 

  • if you sprinkled the pancrelipase on food, give the mixture to your infant right away. Do not store, 

  • give your infant enough liquid to swallow the pancrelipase capsule contents or the food mixture, and 

  • look into your infant’s mouth to ensure all the pancrealipase has been swallowed 

If you forget to take a dose of pancrelipase, call your doctor or wait until your next meal; and take your usual number of capsules. Do not make up for missed doses.  

Store in a dry place and at room temperature. Keep away from moisture and heat. 

Who should not take Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

Do not take pancrelipase (Creon) if you are allergic to pork or any pig products. 

What to avoid while taking Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

In general, limit the amount of fat you eat; especially the saturated fats in animal-based foods; such as butter, cream, fatty cuts of red meat, organ meat and poultry skin.

Avoid fried, creamy or cheesy foods, such as pastries.

What should I tell my healthcare provider before taking Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

Tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including if you: 

  • are allergic to pork (pig) products 

  • have a history or intestinal blockage, scarring or thickening of the bowel wall (fibrosing colonopathy) 

  • have gout, kidney disease or high blood uric acid 

  • are breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed  

  • are pregnant or planning to become pregnant 

What other drugs interact with Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

Tell your doctor about all your current medicines and any you start or stop using.  

Some medications may interact with Pancrelipase (Creon), including, prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, recreational and herbal products. 

What are the possible side effects of Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

mergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.  

Call your doctor at once if you have: 

  • severe long lasting unusual abdominal pain 

  • bloating diarrhea, constipation  

  • joint pain or swelling 

  • Irritation of the inside of your mouth 

Common side effects: 

  • diarrhea 

  • constipation  

  • feeling or being sick 

  • bloating 

This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. 

What happens if I overdose?

Seek emergency medical attention immediately and you should drink lots of water. 

Where can I get more information about Pancrelipase (Creon)? 

If you have any questions about buying discount Pancrelipase (Creon) or any other prescription products online, you can contact us.  

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