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Osphena is the first and only once-daily, oral, non-hormonal treatment for moderate to severe vaginal dryness and/or moderate to severe painful intercourse, symptoms of changes in and around your vagina due to menopause.

Studies showed, that after 12 weeks of treatment, Osphena helped increase the proportion of superficial cells (cells that you need more of), helped decrease the proportion of parabasal cells (cells that you need less of), and helped lower vaginal pH, to improve vaginal health.

Information you need to know about OSPHENA:

  • Osphena 60mg tablets are taken once daily, by mouth, with food.

  • Osphena should be taken for the shortest duration consistent with treatment goals and risks for the individual woman.

  • Canadian OSPHENA tablets are white to off-white, oval, biconvex, film-coated tablets engraved with “60” on one side.

  • Osphena is available as 60mg ospemifene oral tablets and is marketed by Duchesnay Inc. in Canada and in the USA.

  • Osphena requires a prescription.

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