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Welcome to CanadaDrugstore.

Jason’s Canada Drugstore is an online pharmacy marketplace that provides links to thousands of prescription medication and health products commonly needed at affordable prices.

Our pharmacy partners offer brand name trademarked products as well as generic and therapeutically equivalent products.

Our patient service representatives are engaged and ready to help you find the lowest price for your medications! Call us now at 1-800-CAN-DRUG (1-800-226-3784).

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Ordering is simple and safe.

Ordering from is super convenient and easy! We take your privacy, health and safety seriously. If you have any questions, remember… we are here for you! Contact our Customer Service Representatives toll-free at 1-800-CAN-DRUG (1-800-226-3784)

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Are you concerned with the high cost of
drugs and rising healthcare costs?
You’ve come to the right place for relief.

Affordable alternative
to the high cost of
drugsAffordable alternative to the high cost of drugs

Buying prescriptions online: easy and straightforwardBuying prescriptions online: easy and straightforward

Pay the lowest price on prescription medications onlinePay the lowest price on prescription medications online

Place order through user-friendly online pharmacy or phonePlace order through user-friendly online pharmacy or phone

Jason’s is a relatively new player, having opened our doors in 2018. We have many satisfied patients taking advantage of discounted low cost prescription medication orders through our Canadian pharmacy and our international pharmacy partners. We are dedicated to providing you the high-quality prescription medication you need; at a price you can afford and doing it with a smile. We want to be your source for low-cost discount drugs from the world’s most reputable suppliers. This commitment to value and service is what sets us apart.

We offer incredible savings on brand-name medications and generic medications on products sourced from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and Australia when comparing to U.S. retail prices. We offer free shipping to ensure low price medications are affordable while never compromising safety. We also offer price match guarantee so you can sleep comfortably knowing you were paying the lowest price on prescription medications online.

Jason’s Canada Drugstore is committed to providing an affordable alternative to the high cost of drugs. Are you concerned with the high cost of drugs and rising healthcare costs? You’ve come to the right place for relief. At Jason, buying prescriptions online is easy and straightforward. You can place your order through our user-friendly online pharmacy or over the phone with one of our trained Patient Service Representatives.

Search our drug prices now and realize the savings advantages of lower cost Canadian medications and discounts drugs from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Prescription medications.

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